November 2nd is Day of the Dead, a very important cultural tradition in Mexico and many parts of Latin America. San Miguel de Allende also celebrates Day of the Dead by honoring deceased loved ones through a great variety of traditions; primarily with offerings in their homes, public spaces, and in graveyards. The center pieces of the offerings consist of photographs of the deceased loved ones, surrounded by orange marigolds, skeletons and skulls made out of powdered sugar paste, and their favorite food and beverages.  

This tradition has been going on for thousands of years and started during the annual maize harvest, the primary crop of the region.

This celebration has grown in San Miguel de Allende throughout the years and has expanded to parades of people dressed in wonderful costumes and hats, with faces painted with intricate make-up representing skulls.

The heart and spirit of this tradition is family, love, and remembrance of the deceased loved ones. 

This cultural tradition is on the list of UNESCO´s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Experience the power of this celebration in San Miguel de Allende, a UNESCO WorldHeritage Site.

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