Holy Week in San Miguel de Allende has different religious rites from Friday of Sorrows, Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Saturday of Glory and Resurrection Sunday.

The Friday of Sorrows is the visit to the different altars located in houses of local San Miguelians that open the doors of their homes to people so that they can see the religious customs that they have in San Miguel de Allende about the Passion of Christ.

On Palm Sunday in the churches of San Miguel de Allende they bless the palms in all the masses that they celebrate during the day. In some the entrance of Christ is personified.

Holy Thursday is the visit of the seven houses, which are represented by the altars that they put in the different churches and chapels of our city. Usually the influx of people is impressive, a very notorious situation is the participation of foreigners in this catholic custom rooted since ancient times in our historic city.

On Good Friday we have two Catholic rites that are celebrated in two different churches and at different times: The Holy Encounter in the parish of San Miguel Arcángel and the Holy Burial in the Oratory of San Felipe Neri.

The Holy Encounter personifies the Virgin Mary’s encounter with her son, Jesus Christ, on the road to Mount Calvary, as well as with her disciples. Some moments are impressive because of the beautiful and expressive holy images.

The Holy Burial is an impressive act for its majesty and solemnity with a duration of approximately two and a half hours where members of the San Miguelian community participate carrying lanterns and heavy holy images. This religious event has been celebrated for over 65 years. It is accompanied by music and liturgical lyrics especially composed for this type of event by the priest José María Dolores Correa Pérez and by his brother also named José Maria Correa Pérez at the end of the 19th century. It is performed by the Valle de Santiago orchestra and the San Felipe Nerí Oratorio choir. The orchestra is masterfully directed by Maestro Baltasar Aguilar Aguirre since 1984 and previously by also Maestro Baltasar Aguilar Ortiz who came for approximately 15 years. His orchestra was already coming to San Miguel de Allende to play the music of the Holy Burial, but it was conducted by San Miguelian Mr. Benjamín Vidargas until his death and that was when Maestro Aguilar Ortiz began to conduct his orchestra at the Holy Burial from San Miguel de Allende.

On Saturday of Glory, it is celebrated with Rooster masses (midnight) in the main churches of the city with the blessing of water and candles.

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