“Carlos Acuña is one of those rare people that is the whole package of what you want in a real estate agent. He has deep expertise in the real estate market itself and a very strong knowledge of San Miguel de Allende after a long history of living there for over 35 years. His easy and positive nature are a pleasure to be around. Most importantly, he has the respect of those in the community. After such a long time in town, everyone knows Carlos and he has created a trusted relationship with many people in town. So in addition to navigating you through the real estate market, he has a great ability to help you in every aspect of the transaction. As a long-time luxury real estate agent in the North Shore of Chicago, I have very high standards for a real estate agent. We worked with Carlos on the purchase of our home in San Miguel de Allende in 2004. He was extremely professional and dedicated to doing an excellent job. But, lucky for us, the relationship did not end there.

Carlos Acuña and his partner Isaac Uribe have also been the house managers of our house in San Miguel de Allende for 16 years since San Miguel de Allende is not our primary residence. There is an additional set of skills required to manage a house and coordinate guests or renters. Since we are not there on a daily basis, Carlos and Isaac help us manage the wonderful workers at our house. And with their kind yet firm way have kept the same people working loyally for us for so many years. From managing the people to the pool issues and garden development and other improvements and maintenance projects along the way, we feel so lucky Carlos and Isaac are in our life. When guests/renters start the process to when they leave, they are happy to have Carlos and Isaac as their primary contacts as they are genuinely wonderful persons. We have been honored to work with Carlos and Isaac and am so grateful they are in our lives. “

– Paige Dooley

“I have a long relationship over the past six years with Carlos Acuña at Atenea Realty. I stopped into his office on my first visit to San Miguel de Allende and even though I was just looking he jumped in to help me. After two more trips in the next six month he found me a wonderful home which had not hit the market yet. I loved it.

The following year he researched a tear down in Centro that I wanted to build two rentals on. We negotiated a great deal and the apartments were built.

Four years later he told me about a fabulous home at a great price which had just been shown to the realtors. We were able to be the first people to negotiate a great deal. We had a five month closing deal so I could sell my house and he did it. Yeah!

But that is not all. He then sold my apartment building in five weeks when nothing was selling.

I am very thankful to Carlos and his team for the work they have done for me.”

– Nancy “Billie” Schmidt
“We were lucky. Carlos Acuña was one of the first people we met in San Miguel de Allende and the only realtor with whom we worked. Without his market experience, knowledge of neighborhoods, and most importantly, patience and objectivity, we might not be living in San Miguel de Allende. Two years passed from our first neighborhood tour with Carlos to the day we signed the contract on our home. Never, during that time, did we feel pressured, rushed, or uncomfortable. His style reflects who he is; honest, intelligent, and diplomatic. I count myself lucky that he is my friend and my realtor.”
– Norman Briere
“It was a true joy and honor to work with such a professional and knowledgeable realtor as Carlos Acuña. He was highly recommended so I knew I was in the best of hands. He was very personable and attentive to all my inquiries. Once I made known the specifics of the property I was looking to purchase, Carlos made available for me a schedule to visit said properties, always knowledgeable of the specifics of each. He walked me through these properties highlighting the features I was looking for. They all matched my requirements so it only took two days to decide on the right property for me. I am so happy enjoying my permanent home in San Miguel de Allende, and also enjoying my friendship with Carlos Acuña, since we became very good friends. I always recommend him highly and assure everyone that he is the perfect realtor to work with.”

– Octavio Tye
Atenea Realty  is everything you want to find in a real estate agency, and more.  The company not only helped us find our dream home in a foreign country, but it made the process ever so less complicated.  You need look no further.  Carlos Acuña and his associates were there for us every step of the way. From the moment we met, they dutifully listened and carefully planned our visits to San Miguel de Allende to find the right home. Their wealth of knowledge, structure, and kind counsel helped us make our decision. There was never any pressure, nor a sales pitch heard.  Only solid fact-based information was provided to us as we, in the end, did indeed find our dream home in this magical city.  We highly recommend Carlos Acuña, Broker at Atenea Realty, and his associates!

– Jaime Coronado

Having been in San Miguel de Allende for18 years, we have owned several homes. For U.S. citizens buying and selling a home in Mexico, it can be a stressful process. That is where broker experience and sensitivity become so important, understanding the market, appropriate  pricing (whether buying or selling), the merits of different neighborhoods, and similar issues.  Carlos Acuña has helped us to both buy and sell  homes and did so successfully. He has a great deal of experience, understands San Miguel de Allende, and knows how to navigate negotiations for a good outcome.

– Dave & Cheryl Leland 

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